The Effects of Uber on the Limousine Industry

uber logoUber is a smart car service that can help you get a vehicle within minutes with a single tap on your smartphone without much ado. It is easy to access and has proven a major threat to its rivals. It has greatly affected their revenue especially the small businesses as it has introduced a system which transparent, accessible and novel. The whole experience of just making a single tap on your phone to get a car in minutes anywhere is something that has greatly worked towards the increased demand for Uber cars. However, it has also benefitted customers as businesses have altered their ways of payment and booking due to the competition Uber has put them through.

Rise of Uber

Uber has great advantages for the customers as they don’t have to go through the hassle of advance booking, unlike Limousine companies which operate through advance bookings and several hours notice before cancellation. It is instant as the cars just reach you in a several minutes time, unlike Virginia Beach limo company cars that take at least 45 minutes to reach their passengers (you can back me up on this one if you live in town). 

The ultimate secret to Uber’s success is their transparent pricing policy as they charge per miles so everyone who is travelling by an Uber knows they are paying a reasonable and fair price. On the other side, Limousine companies have different fare policies which are not that transparent hence leading to passengers feeling that they are paying more than they should. However, broadly speaking about the success of Uber it can be easily said that its success has been greatly facilitated by the success of smartphone applications and development of a user-friendly interface for its application that has greatly contributed towards the prosperity of the Uber.

Response of Limousine CompaniesHummer

The secret to successful business is to keep pace with one’s rivals and that is exactly how Limousine companies reacted to Uber’s unparalleled growth. They also took an initiative of changing their pricing policy so it is as transparent as Uber. They altered their advance cancellation policy from a time limit of several hours to a narrow frame of just 45 minutes. They also developed a mobile application in order to help their customers interact with them more easily, however; they also retain their call centers because they believe that their customers would want to talk to someone to know that they are in safe hands.

The strategy of Steve Jobs of being different has been adopted by limousine companies is not to be better than Uber but to be different in them. This is visible from the fact that they tried to shift to other forms of business like car washes, brewery tours and shopping excursions to help the company become stable and stand out in the competitive world. They also started offering shuttle services to and from office buildings and residential areas.

However, Limousine companies have an edge because they are still going to be the favorites of older bands and people on their weddings because no one is going to order a car through a smartphone application on their wedding night.

My Most Recent Adventure

As an entrepreneur of an, i’m incredibly grateful that i’m able to travel whenever I please and continue to build my business wherever my adventures take me. From Tokyo to Rome to Rio, i’ve visited some of the most amazing cities in the world.

This past month, however, I stumbled upon what I think may be my favorite city yet, and it’s not as far away as you might think. So which city tops my list? Well, let me rephrase that….So, which city tops my list, eh?

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our neighbors to the North, I highly recommend making it a top priority on your travel list. Between the generosity of the people, the culture, the high quality of living, and the thriving economy I think I might be investing in Canuck real estate sooner rather than later.

Beginning of August I had to make a last minute trip up to meet with some execs at Corel Corporation, a tech firm that designs some high end media and design apps, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I had never been before, so I did some digging on what I should do while I was in town and damn was I impressed at all they have going on. Turns out, Ottawa has the second highest quality of living standard out of any city in the America’s (for those that are wondering, the other one is also a Canadian city). It’s also known as the third cleanest city in the WORLD. Needless to say it was going to be a nice change of scenery from NYC.

Flying in, I was blown away at the beauty of the Rideau river in the backdrop of the skyscrapers of Centretown, the cities financial hub.

As I exited the plane, I took a long, drawn out inhale and allowed the crisp, clean, strikingly fresh air fill my lungs. Yep, not in New York anymore, Dorothy.

Airport security was as easy as airport security can be. I was even allowed to keep my shoes on when I walked through the metal detector. What is this place!?

I was met at the terminal by a chauffeur from The Ottawa Limo Company (I hate taxis) who not only guided me through Canadian customs, but went out of his way to help me with my luggage and even had a bottle of champagne waiting for me at the car. Hands down the best service I’ve ever experienced.

My driver dropped me off at the Westin Ottawa where I was staying and after tipping him ever so deservingly,  I was off to my room. As I was checking in, I overheard a couple talking about Jazz music, and immediately my ears perked up. For those who don’t know me, I grew in New Orleans so jazz has always held a special spot in my heart.

I interjected, not so graciously, and asked about their conversation and let them know I was a die-hard jazz lover.

“Well you picked the right weekend, then! Tomorrow is the first day of the Ottawa International Jazz Festival.”

No. Freaking. Way.

Why did no one tell me that Ottawa was home to one of the largest Jazz Festivals ever? Well, I mean, someone just did, but how did I not already know that?! This place keeps getting better and better.

So after finishing business at Corel Corporation, I called my wife and told her my stay was going to be extended through the rest of the weekend.

As hard for me as it is to understand this, I realize that not everyone is as hardcore of a jazz fan as I am, so I won’t go into extreme detail on the festival. I will say, however, that the Canucks sure the hell know how to throw a festival. There must have been at least 10,000 people there over the course of the weekend. Some of the most positive, good spirited people i’ve had the fortune to meet.



Ipad for Fitness Professionals

As far as stereotypes go, I’m a unique hybrid between two polar opposites: the computer nerds and the fitness buffs. In high school I spent all my afternoons in the weight room trying to build up my self esteem. I played sports and lifted weights and ate healthier than any high schooler you’ve ever known.

Through the college years I continued to equate physicality with my identity. Not the healthiest way to live, but it’s all I knew. I was doing personal training for a living and majored in exercise physiology.

After college I finally got burnt out on living to work out. I realized that I didn’t want to do personal training for the rest of my life, which is why I got into marketing and technology.

I still push myself in the gym and stay healthy, but there are things that are much more important to me than working out now, like spending time with friends and doing the things I love.Fitness-for-Nerds

I’ll never work as a personal trainer again, but I know a thing or two about running a successful fitness business. I’m currently helping my good friend Bret, the best personal trainer in San Diego build his business.

Bret’s a much more talented trainer than I, but I have the experience running a business so we’re teaming up to turn his studio into the premier fitness solution in all of San Diego.

One of the first changes we made was equip Move Strong Studio (that’s Bret’s studio) with club management software, called Shape Net.

With this, Bret can manage virtually any aspect of his business from his iPad or iPhone. His clients schedule their own appointments, and are sent reminder texts automatically. He has the different packages that he offers built into a digital presentation he presents after the initial assessment via iPad.

Once the sale is made is where Shapenet can really make a differnce.

If you’re a personal trainer and you aren’t using EFT aka auto pay then you’re missing out. Shape Net, or any other auto pay program allows your clients’ credit cards to be billed automatically each month so you don’t have to ask for payment or tell someone they’re out of sessions. It’s a win-win because your clients don’t have to experience the pain of forking over the cash, which means they’re more likely to stay with you long term.

When a client has to miss sessions due to travel or extenuating circumstances, the Shapenet app allows you to provide them with video workouts so no progress is lost.